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Get Digital Wellbeing On Any Android Device With ActionDash

Get Digital Wellbeing on any Android device with ActionDash

Get Digital Wellbeing on any Android device with ActionDash

Google’s Digital Wellbeing initiative is excellent, but it’s limited to Pixel and Android One handsets. Fortunately, Chris Lacy, the developer behind Action Launcher and other apps, just released ActionDash, bringing most of Digital Wellbeing’s features to every Android device.

Just like with Digital Wellbeing, ActionDash is a cleanly-design app that provides you with phone and app usage statistics. You can view screenshots of the app below.

ActionDash is split into five main sections. First, you get an overview of your usage in the form of a pie chart and several data points. Swiping over to the other tabs, you will find detailed information about how much time you’ve spent in each app, how many times you’ve opened an app, the number of notifications that have shown up on your phone, and how many times you’ve unlocked the handset.

A few days in with Digital Wellbeing, and it’s already changing my life

I’ll admit that when Google first announced Digital Wellbeing during Google I/O 2018, I just kind of shrugged. Even though I write for a website dedicated to smartphones, I really don’t feel like I use …

Comparing this to Google’s Digital Wellbeing, you aren’t going to miss out on any usage data. The primary differentiator is the fact that Digital Wellbeing is baked into Android and can be used to limit the usage of various apps. ActionDash is primarily there to show you the data and allow you to reshape your usage yourself.

You can download ActionDash for free from the Play Store using the button below. You can unlock the app’s premium features such as the ability to backup and restore data, enable a dark mode, view more than seven days of data, and much more with an in-app purchase of $6.99.

Source: Android Authority
Get Digital Wellbeing on any Android device with ActionDash


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