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Hole Punch ≥ Throat Punch? [#acpodcast]

Hole Punch ≥ Throat Punch? [#acpodcast]

It’s another live, beer-infused, cavalcade of stars on this week’s show! This time, Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, Alex Dobie, Michael Fisher, Russell Holly, and Lory Gil come to you from CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

They talk about many of the gadgets from the show floor and explore the overall trends in products coming later this year. There aren’t many new phones, but there’s a continued push towards voice assistants, home automation, and Smart-Pretty-Much-Anything-You-Can-Think-Of devices.

Join us as we separate the wheat from the chaff so we can have some more tasty beers. Cheers!

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Show Notes and Links:

CES 2019 — Everything from the show!
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Source: Android Central
Hole Punch ≥ Throat Punch? [#acpodcast]


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