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Keep your new smartphone powered up with Anker's Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Keep your new smartphone powered up with Anker’s Qi Wireless Charging Pad
If you have a phone that supports wireless charging and haven’t picked up a wireless charger, you’re doing it wrong. Correct that today.

This Anker Qi Wireless Charger is down to just $12.99 at Amazon. This is almost half off its usual price of $24.99 and is limited to today only. If you recently got a new smartphone with wireless charging built-in, you need a wireless charging pad in your life.

The Qi-certified charging pad can power up any Qi-enabled smartphone including the newest Samsung Galaxy series, the latest iPhone models, Google Pixel 3, and many more. If you want an easy way to ensure your phone’s battery remains full, add one of these charging pads to your desk or nightstand and you can simply rest the phone and get that battery to 100%. The wireless charger provides power at 5W. If your phone supports fast wireless charging, you may want to take a look at Anker’s discounted Wireless Charging stand that can charge at up to 10W.

It’s worth noting that your $13 does not get you a wall charger. You can use the existing one from your smartphone or pick up an extra one, such as this $10 two-port model from Aukey.

This deal is part of a larger sale on Anker accessories that is running for today only. It includes charging cables, power banks, USB-C hubs, and much more with discounts that are good until the day is out.

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Source: Android Central
Keep your new smartphone powered up with Anker’s Qi Wireless Charging Pad


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