Custom Application Development

We serve the development with the specifications you specify.

Custom Application Development

Many companies, including your company already have systems, styles and goals. With the services we provide, we can jointly develop applications according to your system, style and goals. This is one of our services in providing solutions to our customers or clients, with the aim to create a system that suits the needs of customers or clients.

The development of this application has a special approach in accordance with the needs, system design, project time and duration, and good scheduling. With the development of this needs-based application, it will have the benefit of designing an integrated system with your company, reporting style and trademark.

With this development, we can be a supporter of your business applications.

The technology we use:

Our team has experience in developing .net framework application with several years development and system design that we have applied. with .net Framework technology, we provide solutions to your business needs.

We offer a .net Framework based application development as your business solution. we support application development with Microsoft .Net Framework with the following services:

Custom Web-Based Application (ASP.NET C#/VB.Net)
Custom Desktop Application (WPF / Windows Form)
Custom Web-Service (WCF / Web Service)
Custom Windows Service (Windows Services)
Reporting Services for company
Porting, Migration, Data Analyzing, and Tuning
Integration with company system.

Our team has experience in developing PHP based application with several years of PHP based application development. PHP programming technology is the best choice we use as a solution that can support business needs quickly.

We offer PHP-based application development as your business solution. we support the development of applications with PHP and some framework we use with some services as follows:

Custom Web Application Development
Custom Web Design
Custom Reporting Technology
Background Process (Cron Job)
Application Programming Interrupt Integration

We also serve the development of mobile-based applications using android technology. One of our services is building mobile applications that can cover your needs by using android based smartphone as a communication and processing medium.

Our team is experienced in designing systems, and developing android applications for several years.

We offer mobile application based development with android technology as a solution to support your business.

As for the services we provide with android technology:

Android Mobile Application
Design Layout Interfacing
Application Programming Interrupt (API)

Microsoft SQL Server is a strong and robust relational database management system which developed by Microsoft. Microsoft SQL Server is our favorite database system for solving and manage our client data with many features.

Data Management
Data Management
Reporting Service

MySQL is a open-source and reliable relation database management system which developed by MySQL AB and now developed by Oracle. As the best result and light-weight for being use, MySQL server is our clients favorite as data management tools for solutions.

Data Management Tools
Light-Weight Data Control

Oracle Relational Database Management System is robust and high scale able database management system. A high perform and big data management.Oracle Relational Database Management System is developed by Oracle Corp.Oracle Relational Database Management System is a good choice for handling big data for our big clients.

Data Management & Storing
Data Report
High End Data Security

PostgreSQL is a robust and open-source database management system which developed by PostgreSQL Global Development Group. PostgreSQL is a simply with high features for managinh data and have ability to storing big data. PostgreSQL is another option for our client to manage their data with minimum requirement and best function.

Data Management & Mining
Secure Data Storing