Good Documentation

We provide good documentation as our client documentation standard.

Good Documentation

Many companies have documentation needs in their own style for their business purpose. With the special needs you want, we can create documentation on the development of the application to suit your needs.

We can be a reliable partner in supporting your business needs by providing good documentation standardization. Our documentation standardization has been developed by our dedicated team to calculate and forecast your business in the future.

With good documentation, we make our standard documentation a reference for future maintenance, troubleshooting and improvement.

We together support the needs of our customers and clients with the best and most useful documentation.

The functional requirements document (FRD) is a formal statement of an application’s functional requirements. It serves the same purpose as a contract. The developers agree to provide the capabilities specified. The client agrees to find the product satisfactory if it provides the capabilities specified in the FRD.

The results of the system design process are recorded in the System Design Document (SDD). This document completely describes the system at the architecture level, including subsystems and their services, hardware mapping, data management, access control, global software control structure, and boundary conditions.

In the context of software systems and software engineering, system integration testing is a testing process that exercises a software system’s coexistence with others. With multiple integrated systems, assuming that each have already passed system testing, SIT proceeds to test their required interactions.

In software development, user acceptance testing (UAT) – also called beta testing, application testing, and end user testing – is a phase of software development in which the software is tested in the “real world” by the intended audience.

user guide is essentially a book-length document containing instructions on installing, using, or troubleshooting a hardware or software product.