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Connected, Episode 256: Switch On

Connected, Episode 256: Switch On On this week’s episode of Connected: After Myke breaks the news about his back, he and Stephen undertake their annual tradition of #RelayQA. You can listen below (and find the show notes here). 0:0001:21:34…

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Activity Trends in iOS 13

Activity Trends in iOS 13 We touched on most of this year’s changes to iOS in our iOS 13 overview earlier this summer, but one feature that has mostly flown under the radar is the debut of Activity Trends.…

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macOS Accessibility Keyboard

macOS Accessibility Keyboard Lovely deep dive by Mattt Thompson on one of macOS’ most powerful Accessibility features – the Accessibility Keyboard: Today, what’s the difference between a MacBook and an iPad? Practically speaking, you might point to the presence…

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