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Useful Free Tool – Windows Update MiniTool

Useful Free Tool – Windows Update MiniTool

Useful Free Tool – Windows Update MiniTool

Windows Update MiniTool is a free 3rd-party tool made specifically to enhance Windows Update experience, providing advance features that are missing in built-in Windows Update tool. It’s a useful tool that has been around since 2015 and has been updated to support almost all Windows versions, from XP all the way to Windows 10.

Windows Update MiniTool

It’s also a portable tool that doesn’t require additional installation or DLL files. Download the tool and off you go by directly launching the executable file from the zipped file.

Now let’s walking through a few things that Windows Update should do but doesn’t do.

Right off the back, you can select a list of update service to start your updates scan. Of course, it’s defaulted to whatever has set up in your system. Pick one from the list you like to try and hit the refresh button to re-scan for the updates. And yes, it supports WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) as well.

See the buttons available next to the Refresh button? You can use them to download, install, or hide individual update available to the current computer, or even delete them if you like. Need to find the source of the update file and download? No problem, use the Copy button, the last one on the right, to copy the directly download link to the clipboard.

Do you also want to check the actual update size for each and every single installed or available update package? It’s listed right there in the main update window. Just look for the Size column for the actual update size and the Date column for when it’s been released.

If you need to check the details about any update, select the update on the list and click Update Support URL link at the top right corner.

It seems that Windows Update MiniTools was developed by a Windows fan whose online id is named as stupiduser. Since there is no official site for it, here is one of many download links that you can search and find.

Windows Update MiniTools – download link from MajorGeeks.

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Useful Free Tool – Windows Update MiniTool


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