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Wear OS: Everything You Need To Know

Wear OS: Everything you need to know

Wear OS: Everything you need to know

Here’s the latest news, reviews, and more for all things Wear OS!

Back in 2014, Google debuted its smartwatch platform in the form of Android Wear, later renaming it to Wear OS by Google in 2018. Wear OS has changed a lot over the years, including both the hardware that it’s shipped on and its overall software experience.

From the latest news, how-tos, and so much more, here’s everything you need to know about Wear OS!

There are a lot of different Wear OS devices asking for your money, but only some are truly worth your hard-earned dollars.

As of right now, the TicWatch Pro is the best one you can get. It has outstanding battery life, a great design/build quality, and all of the features you could ask for. Plus, its price of just $250 makes it a pretty solid value.

Alternatively, we also recommend checking out the Fossil Sport, Skagen Falster 2, and more.

Best Android Wear OS Smartwatch in 2019

With new Wear OS watches coming out all the time, we do our best to test out as many as possible to let you know which ones are worth spending your money on.

Below, we have an ever-updating list of all our latest Wear OS watch reviews. Be sure to check back often as we add more!

Misfit Vapor 2 review: This Wear OS smartwatch misses the mark
Skagen Falster 2 review: A gorgeous, flawed smartwatch that’s easy to love
TicWatch Pro review: A best-of-both-worlds hybrid
Wear OS 2.0 makes everything better

In 2018, Google completely overhauled the Wear OS experience with the Wear OS 2.0 update.

Wear OS 2.0 did a lot of things, such as adding a new Google Assistant feed to make the AI even more helpful, easier access to a revamped version of Google Fit, improved notification handling, etc.

Although not perfect, Wear OS 2.0 is easily the best version of Google’s smartwatch platform we’ve seen to date. The interface makes sense, everything’s easy to navigate to, and the Google Assistant is finally being used to its full potential.

Wear OS 2.0 review: Simplicity, speed, and Assistant’s wearable redemption

A heart-rate monitor is a key feature

If you want to use your watch for fitness purposes, it’s important to get one that has a heart-rate sensor.

Most Wear OS devices ship with this component, but there are actually quite a few out there that completely skip over it.

Do yourself a favor and make sure the watch you’re eyeing does have a heart-rate sensor before you go out and buy one blind.

Which Wear OS devices have a heart rate sensor?

Speakers are nice to have, too

While heart rate sensors are pretty common on Wear OS watches, one feature that’s not so popular is a built-in speaker. A speaker allows you to make and accept phone calls right on your wrist, in addition to hearing spoken responses from the Google Assistant.

A lot of the big smartwatches tend to omit this feature, so if it’s something you want on your next wearable, you’ll want to make sure you do your homework prior to spending any money.

Which Wear OS devices have a speaker?

Paying with Google Pay on your wrist is magical

Speaking of hard-earned cash, we’re now seeing more and more Wear OS devices ship with support for Google Pay.

If a watch supports Google Pay, that means it has an NFC chip built into it which allows it to be used to make payments at stores that accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

All you do is bring up your card, hold your watch to the payment terminal, and you’re good to go! Although not an absolutely necessary feature, it is a lot of fun to have.

These are the watches that support Google Pay

Source: Android Central
Wear OS: Everything you need to know


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